Beau Hudson

“I love to create clothes that empower confidence to those who wear them.” 

-Sash Deacon, Founder of Beau Hudson

Beau Hudson located on the Gold Coast in Australia was founded in 2013.  Sash’s husband Roscoe is her business partner, and together they have created a lifestyle brand that has gained immense popularity around the world. Their clothes are a combination of classic and simplistic designs.

Beau Hudson is one of the brands that truly embodies my reasons for creating Chic Mini Me, as owner Sash had the same thought, that for all the beautiful princesses of the world there were, "always three racks of girl's stuff, compared to one for boys." Sash, having three boys of her own, is what lead her ultimately to her business idea, creating a line where she could dress both boys and girls in funky trendy clothes, also focusing on gender-neutral accessories that every child could wear. Her vision aligns closely with ours, making it such a pleasure to offer you guys this amazing brand!

Beau Hudson Girls Distressed Daisy Duke's €10,50 €35,00
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Beau Hudson Vanilla Ice Cream Stripe Singlet €6,57 €21,90
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Beau Hudson Summer Palms Swim Shorts Kids €7,77 €32,90
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