Kaiko is a Finnish clothing brand established by Mirjam Sokka in 2016.  Mirjam wanted to create a brand that brought together a passion for beautiful quality clothing for children that supported her mission of bettering the lives of children and women. Kaiko donates 7% of their profits to the Women's Bank in Finland, which at the moment supports a cause in Lalitpur, Nepal, where Mirjam hopes to raise 20,000
euros this year for children and women's education. While domesticity is important to Mirjam, she feels its important to remember people in third world countries. Kaiko's slogan Fashion With a Mission is something we totally support at Chic Mini Me, and we are super happy to be working with such a wonderful brand with important values for bettering the world. 
Kaiko Basic Body, Vintage Leaf €25,83 €36,90
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Kaiko Jogger Pants, Black €34,93 €49,90
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