Rylee and Cru

Rylee & Cru is a children’s clothing brand from the United States, founded by illustrator Kelli Murray in 2014. She drew her inspiration from her children, naming the brand after her first two children. Kelli has created a brand that brings together art and imagination, making clothes for the modern child.

Their AW18 collection is called Prairieland and Kelli having lived and grown up in California draws inspiration from the surrounding lands. She is taken back by the immense beauty of the habitat and the journey folks in the past have endured in their search for a better life for their families. This collection is a tribute to the great journeys across the prairies of her country that many made. 

Rylee & Cru Stripe Chenille Beanie €22,50 €37,50
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Rylee & Cru Chenille Beanie €22,50 €37,50
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