About us

My firstborn being a boy I quickly discovered how limited the selection for boys clothing was. I had a few brands that I liked, that made fun and colorful clothing for boys. Then came my second child two years later, a little girl. I started shopping online more and concluded that children’s clothing web shops weren’t designed that well with regard to technical features. For me as busy working mother I didn’t have hours to spend on the internet searching for a certain product in a specific size.
One sunny autumn day it dawned on me, children’s clothing and ecommerce. As soon as the realization hit me that I finally had come up with the “idea” that was going to take me down the road of entrepreneurship, I started working towards the goal that by the time my maternity leave was over I would transition into a full-time entrepreneur. Five months later Chic Mini Me was born, and I’m so excited for what the future will bring all of us. As soon as the idea hit me, I almost instantly thought of an old colleague of mine Inka who I followed on Instagram and Facebook. I thought to myself Inka would be the perfect business partner for me, as she knows all about what’s trending in children’s fashion. I’ll let Inka tell you her story.


My interest in children’s clothing developed after my first child was born in 2015. As my daughter grew, I became more and more interested in ethical and aesthetical children’s clothing. Slowly my daughters closet started filling up with more local and international pieces to accompany the clothes brought from chain stores. Children’s fashion had become a fun hobby, so when Miia approached me with her idea I was interested right away. With excitement, authentic interest and a huge heart we are building a working, customer- oriented web-shop that pleases the more demanding customer.



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