Eight months ago the idea of starting a web-shop that would offer customers they ability to purchase clothing with as few clicks of the mouse as possible came to me. I wanted to create a web-shop where you could find what you were looking for quickly and with ease. To me there needed to be a children’s clothing web-shop where you had all the information needed to make your purchase decision without any hesitation or opening a new window and googling the product further. I myself as a mother with two small children had started spending a lot of time on Finnish children’s clothing web-shops and concluded that many things were missing for me to make an informed purchase decision. To me it became clear as day that there was a market for this type of service, and so began my life long dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Inka and I want to introduce you to the world of Chic Mini Me, a place where you will find all the information you need about the product you want to purchase. We have invested in quality product pictures taken by the o so talented Susa Dosa here in Lahti. We will have sizing charts for each product, which we hope help you when deciding what size of clothing you want to buy for your little one. There are in-depth product descriptions that include washing instructions for your product. Many moms are conscious of what materials their children’s products are made from, so we have included the material composition of each product. It seems mothers are constantly asking each other on social media measurements of products, so we decided that we gotta have measurement charts for each product, in every size. No more need to ponder will the product you are considering fit your child. We wanted to invest in quality content and hope you guys find our product descriptions meeting your needs when making that o so important decision of whether to buy or not.

Our shop is still in the developmental phase, so please forgive us if everything isn’t perfect yet as we launch our store. Upon launch, we will be adding things daily, and hope to have the shop translated into Finnish very soon. At the moment about ¼ of the content is translated, but its tedious work.  Inka is home on maternity leave till end of June with her two precious girls. Me on the other hand, I’ve been swamped with the day to day things of running the business and getting everything ready for our launch. Inka and I are truly excited for what the future will bring, and we want to make Chic Mini Me you favorite children’s clothing online store.

Our main goal is to bring you newest in children’s fashion, and offer you brands that you might not be familiar with. There are so many amazing children’s clothing brands out there in the world, and our mission is to bring them one step closer to you, our dearest customer. We have some BIG news coming for you soon about an exclusive partnership we have formed with an amazing brand, stay tuned!


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