Our values


Since before we opened Chic Mini Me in 2018 it has been important to us to be sustainable in our daily practices. We wanted to create a business where all our activities support ecological, ethical and sustainable actions within the fashion industry which is the second biggest polluter on this planet.  For us, we have been against fast fashion since the start and wanted to stock ecological, sustainable and ethical brands producing garments that can be passed down from one kid to another.  These types of products are naturally more expensive in price, but the higher price should guarantee that they will last for years and years. Also, we believe we stock many classic items that surpass temporary fashion trends, supporting the idea of slow fashion.

At this stage, through our daily practices, we can have a positive impact on the carbon imprint. First and foremost, the content in our shop that you see on all product pages is there so you as our customer can make a smart purchase decision. The way we look at it, by providing all the much-needed information for you to make an accurate decision we are reducing the need for returns and exchanges which only results in more CO2 levels being emitted as your order is being shipped back and forth. Why not shop once, save time and we can all do our bit to save the planet!

Then there is the fact that we are 100% plastic free, we recycle all plastic that enters our office. Can you imagine when brands send us a season’s products, each product is wrapped in its own plastic bag, which most of the time ends up  going to the end consumer. We are recycling this plastic, doing our bit to be ecological, and don’t use any plastic in our packaging overall. We are constantly working towards finding more ecological choices, for example, 100% recycled packaging materials if you know of any don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know!

We have one big goal as well, and that is by the end of 2022 we will only stock sustainable, ethical and ecological brands. We already have a few that are doing a good job in those areas, now it’s our job to find more brands like them and offer them to you guys! Also, if you know of a cool kid’s brands that meet these criteria we are more than happy to hear about them, as it’s also our job to provide you guys with a brand selection that you enjoy. Our whole idea is to offer a curated selection of #comfychic brands for kids, so you are able to shop all your kid's fashion needs at Chic Mini Me. To get to that point we have a lot of work to do, as a young company growing the brand selection takes time. It’s also been our thing since the start to offer beautiful clothes for your children, but also making sure your kids are comfortable wearing them hours on end, hence our hashtag #comfychic!

We still have a long way to go, as we are only in our second year of running the business, but here you can get an idea of our values, and what’s important to us.


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