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Chic Mini Me Oy
Askonkatu 9 C 2krs huone 202

15100 Lahti

+358 442316311
Business ID 2884530-4

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Miia Hiltunen

+358 442316311

Chic Mini Me Customer Register

Chic Mini Me’s customer registry saves all purchases that are made in our web-shop, or when a customer creates an account. All information submitted such as phone number, email, and delivery address are saved. The information in the registry is used for solving any customer problems and for the development of customer relationships.

Customer register privacy

The register will never be released to any outsiders. The register is kept under lock and key in an electronic database where no one outside of Chic Mini Me’s staff has access to it.

Regular sources of information

Your information will not be disclosed.

Release of information in the EU, or outside the European Union

Your information will not be disclosed.


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